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Hyundai Advanced Materials Open Innovation Challenge
Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) in partnership with Daren Labs & Deloitte Catalyst is calling companies with proven technologies in advanced-materials for a challenge. We seek to accelerate the development of advanced materials for automotive applications.
Challenge Areas:
This Open Innovation Challenge focuses on 8 key areas that will revolutionize the automotive industry:

New composite materials with extreme weight/strength performance

New functional materials for 
industrial 3D printing including 
plastics and metals

New meta materials providing various functionalities

New 3D printing systems

Examples: new structural and 
matrix materials, processing 
methods and applications.
Examples: new plastic
or metal alloys materials and 
systems for advanced industrial 
3D printing applications.

Examples: meta-materials in a large range of mechanical and electronic properties.

Examples: new additive-manufacturing technologies and systems enabling enhanced productivity for industrial applications.


Carbon Neutrality Technologies

Examples: Decarbonizing technology of metallic materials, sustainable materials, and processes that enable carbon neutrality.

Sustainable materials and processes

Examples: sustainable materials Functional eco-polymer PU, Functional eco-friendly material/biodegradable material/application of natural origin material/bio-replica technology.

Advanced coatings for exterior sensor protection

Examples: thin film coating materials and processes providing enhanced protection to external optical systems including improved mechanical resistance, UV stability, super-hydrophobicity etc.

Quantum Computing algorithms for large-scale structure/fluid simulation

Examples: quantum computing algorithms reducing qubit requirement of FEM, CFD.

Why Participate?

Demonstrate your innovation to a global automotive leader.

Receive funding for a highly-professional technology evaluation.

Guidelines by experts from Hyundai’s Material Center.


Open Innovation
Challenge launch
April 2024
Hyundai Advanced Materials
Open Challenge Discovery Event
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Announcing Winners
Hyundai CRADLE is Hyundai Motor’s venture capital and open innovation arm, which partners and investsin prominent global startups to accelerate the development of advanced future automotive technologies.
Hyundai CRADLE Tel-Aviv works extensively with promising startups in Israel and builds 
partnerships to evaluate technologies that will fit the strategic direction of Hyundai Motor Group.

Daren labs Materials Experts, is a one-stop-shop for contract R&D  and problem-solving, supporting the Israeli industry and startup eco-system. Founded at 1990 by Dr. Steve Daren, our team of PhD experts and equipped labs have supported 100s of companies and projects successfully. Our ability to work fast, discreetly and deliver results in projects where chemistry and materials pose significant challenges, has positioned Daren Labs as a leading R&D agency in Israel.

Deloitte Catalyst takes the isolation out of innovation by connecting and collaborating with a global ecosystem of early to late stage startups, enterprises, and governments. With presence in the US, Israel, and expanding geographies, we make a global ecosystem of technologies and innovators locally accessible and help put them into action.

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